PESU impact modifier provides toughness to carbon fiber prepreg

  • Enhanced toughness, heat resistance and processability of carbon fiber prepreg
  • PESU micropowders compatible with wide range of epoxy systems
  • Hankuk Carbon to supply prepreg to major U.S. automotive OEM for automotive fenders

Solvay Specialty Polymers announced that Hankuk Carbon Co., a composites manufacturer based in South Korea, selected Virantage polyethersulfone (PESU) to improve the toughness, heat resistance and processing consistency of a thermoset composite prepreg. The prepreg is intended for use by a major U.S. automotive OEM for a commercial automotive fender and roof application.

40% increased impact strength of thermoset composites parts

Solvay’s Virantage PESU impact modifiers can increase the impact strength of thermoset composites parts by nearly 40 percent and also improves heat resistance. Because Virantage PESU micropowders are compatible with a range of epoxy systems, they disperse more quickly vs. conventional impact modifiers, thereby improving processability and consistency in high-volume composite production. Already widely used in prepreg production for commercial and military aircraft applications, the PESU tougheners are attracting increasing interest from automotive engineers as a part of their vehicle lightweighting strategy.

Hankuk Carbon: from prepregs for fishing rods to insulation panels for LNG cargos

Established in 1984 and based in Korea, Hankuk Carbon Co., Ltd launched its business producing carbon prepregs for fishing rods. Its carbon prepregs have since become applied in sporting goods, electronics, architecture, automotive and other industries. As the demand for liquefied natural gas (LNG) rose, the company started producing insulation panels for LNG cargos. The company has three plants with the capacity of 7 million m2, located in Miryang and Hamyang, Korea, and reported 2014 sales revenues of $200 million.


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