New flame retardants for high-temperature thermoplastics


Clariant expands its range of phosphinate flame retardants with new formulations for thermoplastics used in demanding environments. Exolit OP 1400 (TP) for polyamides and Exolit OP 1260 (TP) for polyesters offer improved fire safety, easier processing and improved mechanical performance. The formulations overcome the traditional challenge for flame retardants posed by the high processing temperatures of polyamides and the high temperatures where engineering thermoplastic polyesters are used. Both materials achieve UL 94V-0 classification down to 0.4mm thickness and CTI values of 600 Volt.

Exolit OP 1400 (TP) provides enhanced thermal stability to polyamides. This avoids problems such as polymer degradation, formation of decomposition products and discoloration. Exolit OP 1260 (TP) provides a flame retardancy solution to manufacturers looking to use halogen free reinforced polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) in applications such as insulating parts in the electrical and electronic (E&E) industry. Reinforced PBT has a lower melting point and heat distortion temperature than its commonly used counterpart polyethylene terephthalate (PET) but is a better electrical insulator.

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