Natural fibre-reinforced composite scooter


The so-called Be.e of company Van.Eko is an electric bio-scooter built from natural fibre-reinforced composites. Instead of using glass-fibres as strengthening material the company decided to use fibres from natural, renewable and sustainable sources such as Flax, Hemp, and even synthesized cellulose fibres.

The fibre-reinforced composite is used in a monocoque construction. This means that the exterior of the scooter is a hull shape which is so strong that it also functions as the frame of the scooter. This has many advantages for the assembly procedure but, more importantly for the end user, the exterior panels are so tough and strong that they will need a lot of manhandling before they could be damaged. In fact the company offers a 4 year warrantee on the NFC monocoque.

The funky scooter is fitted with a 4 kW and 100Nm motor placed in the rear wheel, its 1.9kWh battery provides a range of 60km for a top speed of 55kph. A second battery is also available as an option.

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