laser-marked plastic part

Masterbatches for laser marking of automotive parts

  • High flexibility for changing layouts
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Applications: automotive parts, type plates, cables, among others

Whether it be for barcodes, type plates, writing on cables, or parts for the automotive industry, the laser marking of plastics has grown in importance over the past years. Due to its high flexibility for changing layouts and other features such as a permanent and clear inscription, it is quickly replacing the conventional printing of plastic parts. The technology is suitable for application in all areas where components are marked without using chemicals and are resistant to abrasion. The company Grafe provides masterbatches for plastics which can be written on with lasers and will present the latest developments at this year’s #Fakuma. In pretests using their own in-house laser marker, the company is able to determine the ideal settings for writing on the plastic.

Laser marking can be implemented in three types of marking colors: light, dark and colored marking. The end-result is determined by the process, the polymer and the admixtures that are used, such as pigments and other additives. These additives are necessary in the laser marking process to guarantee the required standards of contrast, definition and marking speed. Depending on the desired application, the company develops a suitable formula for the masterbatches. These are then tested in-house for their suitability for writing on using laser markers from the company Foba. This means that the customers receive a fully tested plastic product along with all the parameters necessary for marking the part later.


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