Hybrid technology adds polyolefin characteristics to moldable foam resin

  • Foam with significantly improved shock & chemical resistance
  • Microspheres for efficient light diffusion and transmission
  • Sekisui Plastics at NPE

Sekisui Plastics USA, a subsidiary of Sekisui Plastics Company, is going to introduce new grades of moldable foam resin, a hybrid of styrenic and olefin components. Used in automotive components for energy absorption and weight reduction, the new Piocelan grades offer improved properties including heat resistance, fire retardancy and strength. The moldable foam grades will be introduced at the upcoming NPE2015.

Hybrid technology adds polyolefin characteristics to the foam

The foam is also used as a safe and effective packing material for transporting automotive components, IT equipment and home electronics. The company uses a proprietary polymer hybrid technology to add polyolefin characteristics to the foam which significantly improves the shock resistance, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance previously regarded as a weak point of EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam. A major feature of the foam is its ability to be easily molded into shapes using conventional EPS molding equipment. Shapes can be freely designed to match the shapes of materials, parts and packed contents, according to the company.

Microspheres for extremely efficient light diffusion and transmission

The company will also showcase new grades of Techpolymer microspheres, spherical fine polymer particles produced through a proprietary polymerization technology. The new grades will provide extremely efficient light diffusion and transmission allowing energy savings and fine detail in lighting and displays. Techpolymer microspheres can be used for a variety of applications including providing transparent plastic parts with light diffusion properties, providing inks and pigments with de-lustering and scratch resistance properties, and for making cosmetics smoother. When used in paint, for example, the microspheres provide a coating film with a mat finish and scratch resistance. In cosmetics, the microspheres improve product functions with its very good lubrication, better touch and light diffusion effects. And, for optical use, the material provides superior light transmittance and diffusion to acrylic, PET (polyethylene terephthalate), and polycarbonate resins.


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