Hybrid PP & tiger stripe-free TPO compounds for visible automotive parts

  • Hybrid PP (glass fibre & mineral filler) suitable for high mechanical load
  • Tiger stripe-free TPO compound for even surface gloss
  • Borealis & Borouge at #IZB2014

Borealis and Borouge will showcase a wide range of  materials at the upcoming #IZB2014 in Wolfsburg, Germany, including a new hybrid PP compound for automotive interior and exterior applications and a lightweight TPO for tiger stripe-free surfaces.

Hybrid PP compound for under-the-bonnet and interior applications

Fibremod WE380HP is a new hybrid PP compound comprised of 20% glass fibre reinforcement and 10% mineral filler for the use in both structural and visible automotive parts, such as under-the-bonnet (engine covers, gear housings) and interior applications (window frames, arm rests). The grade can bear high mechanical load, offers good processability and dimensional stability. Other grades being include the PP natural fibre grades NJ200AI and NJ201AI, which allow weight savings of up to 9% compared to a PP-T20 grade.

automotive interior

Fibremod WE380HP is a new hybrid PP compound intended for use in both structural and visible automotive parts (Source:  Borealis)

Tiger stripe-free TPO compound

Also on display will be the recently-launched TPO compound Daplen EE058AI that offers tiger stripe-free results. The phenomenon of tiger stripes, the visually recognisable periodic change of surface gloss, is caused by converting processes and is a general problem of all thermoplastic materials, including polyolefins. This newly-developed, tiger stripe-free TPO compound is a fitting replacement for conventional T15 and T20 interior materials.

Volkswagen uses 13% mineral-filled TPO compound for door panels

Another automotive material grade is Daplen EE158AIB. This 13% mineral-filled TPO compound had already been selected by Volkswagen for the European production of door panels in its new Up! model, and has now been chosen for Up! production in Brazil as well. This is the first time Volkswagen has selected a PE/PP TD13 material for its South American production operations. The grade features high UV and scratch resistance, low emission and fogging, and very good aesthetics.

Focus on South America: EUR 45 million project in Brazil

Borealis also increased its activity in the South American region through the expansion of the plant in Itatiba, near Sao Paulo, Brazil. This EUR 45 million project involves the construction of an additional production building, two state-of-the-art PP compounding extruders, blending and raw material silos, warehouse facilities and a bagging line. This extension is expected to come fully on stream during the fourth quarter of 2014.

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