Heated-tip fuel injector


Heated-tip fuel injector – SPE Automotive finalist 

  • SPE Automotive Innovation Awards Competition 2015 finalist – Category: Powertrain
  • OEM Make & Model: 2015 Honda Motor Co. Honda Fit subcompact and City sedan
  • Tier Supplier/Processor: Delphi Powertrain
  • Material Supplier / Toolmaker: DuPont Automotive / Coltelleria Baldi
  • Material / Process: Zytel HTN54G35EF BKB336 PPA / injection molding
  • Description: An electrical heater within the injector is energized by the vehicle controller, rapidly heating the ethanol fuel and dramatically improving vaporization while reducing emissions. Ink materials used in construction of the heater, body design, the ink-printing process on the body, and overmolding with PPA (which was designed for flow, heat resistance, and electronic compatibility) were all key to the success of this application. The technology saved $60 USD/vehicle as well as 8.8 kg, while improving cold starts on E100 fuel and eliminating the need for a redundant gasoline fuel system on the vehicle.


Heated-tip fuel injector

Heated-tip fuel injector (source: SPE)


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