front end module of VW PAssat made from PA6

Front end carrier of VW Passat entirely made from polyamide

  • All-plastic front end carrier in new Volkswagen Passat and Sharan for the first time
  • 40% glass fiber reinforced PA6 part weighs only 2.6 kg
  • Exhibited at BASF’s Fakuma stand: front end carriers of Golf VII, Passat and Sharan

The world’s first front end carrier without metal reinforcement has now leapt across the platforms: The Volkswagen Group is using the front end carrier made from polyamide of BASF in the new Passat and Sharan models – after the integration in the Golf VII where in 2013 a polypropylene/steel hybrid part was replaced with an all-plastic part made from Ultramid B3WG8. These front end carriers are considerably lighter than the previous models and save installation time.

30% glass fiber reinforced PA6

The new Passat has been named the European “Car of the Year” 2015 thanks to its innovations regarding safety, design, and overall quality, among other things. The front end carrier in the Passat is the largest polyamide part in the vehicle and weighs around 2.6 kg. The Ultramid B3WG8 used is reinforced with 40 percent glass fibers and features a very good combination of fatigue and endurance strength. This means that the plastic part shows the correct dynamic stiffness at defined locations and also meets the car maker’s specifications for crash acceleration and vibration behavior of the whole front end and radiator system.

Front end carrier much more slender than its predecessor

Thanks to a modern design, the proportions of the Passat have been interpreted much more dynamically: with a lower body, a longer wheelbase, and larger wheels, among other features. The plastic front end carrier contributes to these innovations by being much more slender than its predecessor and making optimum use of the tight installation space.

Simulation with Ultrasim: specific material data

The various load situations, some of which are very demanding, were calculated for the Golf VII with the BASF simulation tool Ultrasim. It was possible to transfer these results to the front end carriers in the Passat and Sharan as Ultrasim can be integrated seamlessly into the computing environment of the entire vehicle at the car manufacturer. For this purpose, specific, e.g. crash-relevant material data is available for the plastic which precisely describes the effects of temperature, moisture, and loading rate.

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