Frimo to cooperate with Weber in automotive In-Mould Graining


Plastics component manufacturer Frimo has announced its partnership with Weber Manufacturing Technologies Inc., a fully integrated mould manufacturer, to provide complete In-Mold Graining (IMG) solutions to automakers in North America.

The partnership allows FRIMO to become the first supplier in the North American market to offer a complete, integrated IMG system for manufacturing automotive interiors, including equipment, tooling and process solutions, to its customers. It currently has three projects underway with its Tier 1 customers for 2014-2015 Chrysler and Ford vehicle models.

The IMG process benefits automakers in several ways, as it offers the advantages of thermoforming, while meeting the requirements for an optimal surface with no grain stretch. IMG is an economic alternative to slush skin, spray skin or RIM skin approaches and allows for grain adjustment between different components, different grain-zones on the same component as well as embossing of logos. The IMG process can also provide a significant weight advantage over slush skin or spray skin processes.


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