Frimo and CMTT announce mixing head joint venture

  • Focus on development and optimizing service
  • CMTT’s service & repair scope will encompass North America and Asia

For more than 50 years, Frimo has been a leading system provider for the manufacture of polyurethane parts used in vehicle interiors. The company has also become a leading supplier of metering unit and mix head technologies. Now, to further boost the company’s development, production and service of mixing heads, Frimo has announced a joint venture with Covelo Machine & Tool Trade Co., Inc (CMTT).

Frimo: high-pressure metering devices and mixing heads for polyurethane processing

Mixing heads are among the most sensitive components in polyurethane processing and reliability on them during production is crucial. In recent years, Frimo has accumulated a wider scope of expertise in designing and building complex polyurethane processing systems, including high-pressure metering machines and mixing heads which are primarily used for soft and semi rigid foam applications in the polyurethane equipment industry.

CTT: the global go-to company for service and repair

Key priorities for end users of mixing heads include supplier proximity and speed of service. CMTT designs and produces high-pressure mixing heads and has proven itself for several years as one of the key global go-to companies when it comes to servicing and repairing all standard mixing head brands. Thanks to the joint venture with Frimo, CMTT’s service and repair scope will expand from Europe to also encompass North America and Asia, where Frimo currently manufactures its technologies.

“Shorter throughput times and rapid-response service are the key goals. This is important for better proximity to customers and a reliable service partnership.” said Brent Gawne, who heads the North American PU business at Frimo.


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