Fibremod for Jaguar F-Type IP carrier and airbag chute


At the upcoming VDI congress “Plastics in Automotive Engineering” in Mannheim, Borealis and Borouge will showcase its Fibremod system developed for the Jaguar F type model in close cooperation with Tier One supplier Draexlmaier.

In developing the instrument panel (IP) carrier for its Jaguar F-Type, Jaguar and its supplier Draexlmaier sought a material that would deliver very high stiffness and very good impact performance, without compromising other key requirements such as dimensional
stability. Borealis developed a dilution system based on 50% Fibremod GB601HP and 50% BE677AI, yielding a PP-LGF 30% with a well-defined performance profile for the IP carrier. The Jaguar F-Type airbag chute is made of ready-to-use Fibremod GB303HP, a 30% LGF-reinforced PP which features good impact and processing properties, and high stiffness.

The Fibremod range of engineered short (SGF) and long glass fibre (LGF) compounds was officially launched in September 2013. Borealis’ proprietary LGF process technology makes it possible to tailor engineered polypropylene (PP) grades in order to meet the requirements of individual projects.

The Jaguar F-Type IP carrier and airbag chute are both made using Borealis Fibremod grades (photo: Borealis)

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