Fiberglass/Epoxy composite coil spring


Fiberglass/Epoxy composite coil spring – SPE Automotive finalist 

  • SPE Automotive Innovation Awards Competition 2015 finalist – Category: Chassis/Hardware
  • OEM Make & Model: 2015 Audi AG Audi A6 Avant wagon
  • Tier Supplier/Processor: S. Ara Composite S.A.S.
  • Material Supplier / Toolmaker: Hexion Inc. / not stated
  • Material / Process: Epikote epoxy + fiberglass /modified filament winding
  • Description: This weight-saving epoxy/fiberglass composite coil spring is the first of its kind to be used in the suspension system of a series-production vehicle. Using a patented, modified filament winding process, the application replaced traditional steel coil springs, reducing weight 40% and enabling the suspension system to react more quickly to changing road surface conditions, thereby improving vehicle handling and NVH. Significant work was done on resin chemistry and resin/fiber interface to ensure efficient load transfer and long-term mechanical performance, as well as finding an efficient, cost-effective production method capable of
    meeting build volumes.
Fiberglass/Epoxy composite coil spring

Fiberglass/Epoxy composite coil spring (source: SPE)

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