Fast cycle – low processing temperature PA6/PA66 compounds

  • Up to 30% faster cycle times
  • 10-15 degree C lower processing temperature

The company Epsan Plastic has introduced new fast cycle, low processing temperature polyamide 6 and polyamide 66 compounds. The glass-fiber reinforced grades “Eplamid 6 XC” and “Eplamid 66 XC” feature very good surface quality without compromising on mechanical properties. Both materials have up to 30% faster cycle times compared to standard glass filled compounds, according to the company.

The Eplamid XC grade has been an outcome of 14 months of study and trials with moulders. “Our Eplamid XC grades have been tested and confirmed by major TIER1s prior to commercializing. The tests have been a proof of both Eplamid 6 XC and Eplamid 66 XC materials have a very fast cycle time as well as process ability of 10-15 degrees Celsius less than the standard grades in the market”, says Selen Sanli, Epsan’s R&D Manager.

Epsan is an independent compounder which specializes in the production of high performance polyamide compounds with 2 plants located in Turkey. The company will participate at #Fakuma 2014 and is planning to announce new product developments in addition to the Eplamid XC grades.


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