Close Contour Casting paves the way for Volvo Concept XC Coupé

  • Three-dimensional castings that are cast close to the final shape
  • Cast polyurethane material features fine surface structure and very high dimensional stability
  • Application: modeling, mold construction

The Volvo Concept XC Coupé has received two awards at the prestigious EyesOn Design Awards in the U.S. Volvo used Raku-Tool Close Contour Casting CC-6012 from company Rampf in the production of the design model for this concept vehicle. Close Contour Castings are three-dimensional castings that are cast close to the final shape. Rampf Tooling Solutions carries out the casting process in its own specially designed and equipped production facilities and ensures the utmost confidentiality. The company uses secure data transfer and scrupulously monitors their production halls, according to Heinz Horbanski, Managing Director of Rampf Tooling Solutions.

The mold was milled according to the customer’s surface data into a lightweight mold material consisting of a combination of board material and styrofoam. A release agent was applied and the mold was filled using a special casting process. The casting was removed from the mold and cured before delivery to the customer in ready-to-mill form. This process helps overcome the need for conventional, time consuming model construction: there is no need to bond board material, and the close-contour shape of the casting uses less material, causes less waste, and needs less time for milling. Its fine surface structure and very high dimensional stability make Raku-tool CC-6012, a cast polyurethane with a density lower than 1.0 g/cm3, very suitable for modeling and mold construction.


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