Tape layer technology provides strength where it is needed

  • Fully automated process to apply carbon fiber tape
  • Partial application of tape increases stability of the whole part

The German company Dieffenbacher, a leading supplier of complete production systems for the manufacture of long and endless fiber reinforced plastic parts, has introduced an entire new technology for the reinforcement of parts: the Tailored Fiberplacement process uses carbon fiber tapes to reinforce parts, but only where the strength is needed.

Tape layer production system

Production system for the manufacture of long fiber reinforced plastic parts (source: Dieffenbacher)

Fiber reinforced plastics are commonly used in automotive lightweight design as they feature high strength and low weight. A disadvantage, however, is the fact that carbon fiber reinforced materials are comparatively expensive. The new hybrid lightweight technology of Dieffenbacher differs from other production methods through the intelligent use of materials. The fully automated layup system applies partial reinforcement to the part only where the high strength and stability is needed. It is similar to the design and principle of an egg carton: The hard edge gives the otherwise relatively soft material strength and structure, and this at low weight. The fully automated process features short cycle times and can be used for a wide range applications as a cost-effective alternative to produce parts for automotive, aerospace, and consumer markets.

Main picture: Carbon fiber tape used for the partial reinforcement of parts (source: Dieffenbacher)


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