AZL launches new department for Joining Technology

  • Joining of materials with deferring properties represents well known challenge, but also potential for cost savings
  • Main target: development of joining technologies which fit to material-specific properties

AZL, the competence network for Integrative Lightweight Production Technology in Aachen, Germany, launched a new department for Joining Technology beginning of 2015.

The joining of different materials with deferring properties or requirements represents a well known challenge in the industry due to the eventual arising weaknesses in this specific area of a part. At the same time, this is exactly where the potential for advanced material properties at decreased costs lies. The major aim of the new AZL department is the development of joining technologies which will fit to the material-specific properties of e.g. FRP-Metal combinations on the one hand and the integration of these technologies in the process chain on the other hand.

During a workshop in January 2015, the AZL already discussed relevant research topics in the field of joining together with its research and industrial partners. A workshop to follow up on this discussion will take place in June 2015.

By now, AZL counts 54 industrial partners representing the entire lightweight production value chain from the raw material producer, over moulders, manufacturing equipment suppliers, Tier 1 and Tier 2 to OEMs, from SMEs to large multinational corporations. Just a few months ago, AZL announced a strategic partnership with Toyota for lightweight production.

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