Automotive grille shutters made of reinforced PP and PA


Aerodynamic improvements are an effective approach to reduce drag, and with it the CO2 emissions of conventional vehicles, or to provide additional kilometers to electric vehicles. At the SAE 2014 World Congress, the German company Röchling Automotive will address the aerodynamic issue and showcase its controllable active grille shutter system consisting of thermoplastic air flaps.

The company’s latest air flap system for EVs, such as for the Tesla S, features a module with a total of four air flaps. One of the engineers’ main targets during the design phase was to achieve minimal air leakage and maximum air flow. The system is named Active Grille Shutter EVolution and it optimizes aerodynamics as well as battery cooling and temperature control. In the open position, the shutter system enables the best possible cooling air flow and simultaneously provides a high cooling capacity, while in the closed position, it reduces drag and the time necessary to bring all driving components up to their operating temperatures. The air flaps, made of polypropylene / 30% fiberglass (PP GF 30) und polyamide 6 / 30% fiberglass (PA 6 GF 30), are controlled by actuators and can easily be adjusted to the operating conditions through the installation of a customized software.

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