Altuglas ShieldUp in Peugeot concept car


Peugeot Onyx is a futuristic hybrid sports car, combining vehicle of the future features with the latest technology in acrylic glass. On the occasion of the 28th International Automobile Festival, Peugeot won an award for its concept car, with acrylic Altuglas ShieldUp as an integral part of this project.

Altuglas International, a subsidiary of Arkema group, has developed a smoke colour glazing sheet for this concept car. The roof of the vehicle combines strength and aesthetics with the new nanostructured acrylic sheet developed by researchers of the GRL (Groupement de recherche de Lacq). Besides the acrylic roof, the vehicle combines carbon fiber and pure copper, features a retractable spoiler, and an interior made of felt and recycled paper. The concept is also available in a Concept Bike and Scooter.

Watch the concept car on YouTube: click here

Peugeot Onyx concept car with Altuglas ShieldUp (photo: Peugeot)


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