Active grille shutter combines aesthetics with fuel efficiency

  • Both fully integrated and semi-integrated versions available
  • 20% weight reduction
  • 30% improvement of aerodynamic performance

Active grille shutters are becoming increasingly popular. They open and close automatically to control airflow, reducing aerodynamic drag and improving fuel efficiency. SRG Global, an engineering and manufacturing company of high value coatings on plastics, subsystems and automotive grilles, has now launched Integrille. The system combines finish capability technology with efficient aerodynamic functionality, all solely integrated into the grille.

Both fully integrated and semi-integrated versions available

Integrille is available in both fully integrated and semi-integrated versions, with an estimated 20% weight reduction and 30% improvement of aerodynamic performance compared to nonintegrated systems. Additionally, the manufacturing cell concept created for its assembly provides the production flexibility automakers are looking for globally.

18% market share by 2020 expected

SRG Global estimates that by 2020, around 18% of the global market will have these types of systems. “The goal is to integrate the functional efficiency and performance our customers are looking for in an active grille shutter, without losing the key decorative aspect of the grille,” said Dave Prater, President and CEO of SRG Global.

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