42nd Automotive Innovation Awards: Part3


The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) announced the winners and finalists for its 42nd Automotive Innovation Awards Competition on November 7, 2012 during a Gala at Burton Manor in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, USA. Winners and finalists of the category Performance & Customization were as follows. More details relating to other categories can be found in former and subsequent issues of Plastics.

Winner of the category Performance & Customization

Carbon composite air extractor

Carbon composite air extractor

Carbon composite air extractor (photos: SPE)

OEM/vehicle: General Motors/2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

System supplier: TransGlobal

Material processor: deBotech

Material suppliers: Umeco/Cytec, BASF, Sabic

Resin: MTM Prepreg 57 series epoxy – carbon fibre prepreg

Tooling/equipment Supplier: deBotech

This single-piece CFRP composite construction with exposed fabric weave provides a lightweight, functional component that increases downforce at high speeds while providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The air extractor makes extensive use of adhesive bonding to join additional components in alternative materials (a polyamide vent screen and a thermoplastic polyester deflector). Adhesive bonding also isolates the carbon composite panel from the rest of the aluminium hood, preventing galvanic corrosion.

Finalist of the category Performance & Customization

Hidden dome lamp

Hidden dome lamp

Hidden dome lamp

OEM/vehicle: Ford Motor/2013 Lincoln MKZ

System supplier: Grupo Antolin

Material processor: Pacific Insight Electronics

Material supplier: Styron

Resin: Pulse 2000EZ PC/ABS

Tooling/equipment supplier: Hong Kong Mold

In order to provide a “surprise & delight” factor, increase the sense of interior spaciousness, and achieve best-in-class rear-seat lighting, a hidden dome lamp was integrated into the headliner behind the fabric and outfitted with capacitive switch technology so the lights can be turned off/on with the wave of a hand. A bi-laminate (fabric/foam) headliner allows for greater light transmissibility. The LED lamp’s housing is injection moulded with PC / ABS in a two-cavity injection tool that allows a clear window to be overmoulded onto the housing during a 65s cycle.

Finalist of the category Performance & Customization

Illuminated engine cover

Illuminated engine cover

Illuminated engine cover

OEM/vehicle: Ford Motor/2013 Ford Mustang

System supplier: Colonial Plastics

Material processor: Colonial Plastics

Material supplier: EMS-Grivory America

Resin: Grilamid TR 55 LX Nylon Blend

Tooling/equipment supplier: Colonial Mold

A unique combination of injection-moulded PMMA, PC, and high-temperature (to 300°F/149°C) PA are used to provide thermal and chemical resistance for this engine cover, which has a chromed appearance during daylight but is illuminated in low-light conditions. The TECHNO (translucent, electrochromatic, high-intensity novelty optics) process applies an electro-chromatic layer and sealed low-voltage wiring/LED assembly that replaces the hazardous, time consuming, and costly chrome plating process while creating a unique effect that will not flake, peel or delaminate over time. The assembly is available on new vehicles or can be retrofit back four years.

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