3M responds to rising demand for acoustic insulation materials

  • 3M opens production line for acoustic insulation materials in Poland
  • Rising demand from European automotive industry
  • Thinsulate offers up to 50% weight reduction

The company 3M has opened a new production line for acoustic insulation materials in Wroclaw, Poland. With an investment of USD 12 million, the company responds to the rising demand for the acoustic insulation material 3M Thinsulate. The material allows weight savings of up to 50 percent compared to other commonly used insulation materials.

3M Thinsulate is a non-woven mat that features very good sound absorbing properties useful in many automotive applications, for example inside door panels, instrument panels, pillar trim, package trays, wheelarch liner, among others. It is made up of a web and a black scrim on one side. The web is composed of 35% polyester staple fibres, and 65% polypropylene fibres. The polypropylene fibres are extremely fine, producing the high-energy absorption characteristic with the low weight. The polyester fibres are added to strengthen the web. The black scrim is a 100% polypropylene non-woven fabric. As the fibres are hydrophobic, this material will not absorb water. Therefore the risk of mildew and odours developing are minimal allowing this product to be used in humid or moist conditions. The material is compressible, non-linting, and can be easily die-cut.


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