Noztek to launch new desktop industrial extruder

  • Suitable for high temperature thermoplastics and metal powdered combinations
  • Heater bands work up to 600°C
  • High torque for highly viscous materials

Noztek has launched a prototype of a new desktop industrial extruder. The so-called ‘Xcalibur’ was developed for companies who require a more robust unit that is capable of extruding a wide range of materials, including metal alloys.

High temperature heater bands

The Xcalibur unit can be considered as one of the most advanced desktop extruders on the market today. The extruder features, for instance, triple high temperature heater bands, all can be independently controlled and are designed to work at up to 600°C. The extruder is suitable to melt most polymers, including high temperature thermoplastics and metal powdered combinations. The unit come with a three stage screw which generates additional internal barrel pressure.

The 'Xcalibur' desktop industrial extruder

The ‘Xcalibur’ desktop industrial extruder

High torque for highly viscous materials

The company also added a more powerful DC motor, with an adjustable top speed of 35 RPM with a high torque of 35 Nm. This is required to maintain constant screw revolutions when extruding highly viscous materials. Another feature: an interchangeable barrel and screw which allows rapid swapping for material changes.

This first version is based on an Arduino processor, which has the options of motor speed control and a timer facility. Version 2 will use a Raspberry Pi and will allow for a more enhanced set of features including full graph and chart read outs. This can be a return to base upgrade when the new hardware and software comes on stream at the end of 2015.


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