Objet500 Connex1 multi-material 3D Printer of Stratasys

3 different materials in a single run – Stratasys at NPE2015

  • NPE expands special section dedicated to 3D printing technology
  • Stratasys to demonstrate new Objet500 Connex1 multi-material 3D Printer
  • Conference with six presentations

The #NPE2015 show management has expanded the special section of the show floor dedicated to 3D printing technology. A co-located conference will feature six presentations.

One of the highlights of the so-called NPE3D pavilion will be a demonstration by 3D printing specialist Stratasys of its new Objet500 Connex1 multi-material 3D Printer, which can produce parts from three materials in a single production run, allowing to produce assemblies with components formed from three different materials, or components that contain both rigid and flexible materials.

The companies that have signed on to exhibit in the NPE3D pavilion are (among others):

? Advanced RP, Inc. Suwanee, GA, USA. 3D printers and printing services. www.advancedrp.com
? B3D. West Palm Beach, FL, USA.
? Burteck LLC. Windsor, CT, USA. Injection moldmaking. www.burteckllc.com
? Comdec Inc. / SMI. Newburyport, MA, USA. Contract printing. www.comdecinc.com
? Forecast 3D. Carlsbad, CA, USA. 3D equipment, materials, services. www.forecast3D.com
? Geometric Ltd. Maharashtra, India. Engineering services and software. www.geometricglobal.com
? Global Precision Industries. Germantown, WI, USA. Rapid manufacturing systems, prototyping, toolmaking. www.globalprec.com
? Guangzhou Seal Mould Co., Ltd. Guangzhou, China. Rapid prototyping and toolmaking. www.seal-rp.com
? Interpro. Deep River, CT, USA. 3D printing, rapid manufacturing, prototyping, injection molding. www.interpromodels.com
? JG&A Metrology Center. Detroit, MI, USA. 3D internal part inspection services. www.jgarantmc.com
? Linear Mold & Engineering. Livonia, MI, USA. Rapid manufacturing, prototyping, toolmaking. www.linearmold.com
? MHS – Mold Hotrunner Solutions. Georgetown, ON, Canada. Molds, dies, tooling.
? Polyone Corporation. Avon Lake, OH, USA. Specialized polymer materials. www.polyone.com
? Rapid Prototype + Manufacturing (RP + M). Avon Lake, OH, USA. 3D printing, prototyping, rapid manufacturing. www.rpplusm.com
? Redeye, by Stratasys. Eden Prairie, MN, USA. 3D printing, rapid manufacturing, prototyping, tooling. www.redeyeondemand.com
? Shanghai Xiesheng Machinery Mfg. Co. Ltd. Shanghai, China. Extrusion systems. www.x-machinery.com
? Stratasys. Billerica, MA, USA. 3D printing equipment, materials, software. www.stratasys.com
? 3M Advanced Materials Division. Oakdale, MN, USA. Engineered materials and additives. www.3M.com/AdvancedMaterials

Photo: New Objet500 Connex1 multi-material 3D Printer, which can produce parts from three diverse materials in a single production run, will be demonstrated by Stratasys in the NPE3D pavilion at NPE2015.


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